Ver Sacrum

Ver sacrum means holy spring. For the ancient peoples of the Italic peninsula it was a celebration celebrated to avert moments of crisis.

Twenty-two centuries later, Ver Sacrum was the name given to the manifesto magazine of the Viennese Secession, of which Klimt was one of the founding fathers, in reference to a poem of the same name that incited the revival of art.

Today, with this name for my collection, I entrust to you the bud of a new spring.

May this be the seed of a new rebirth, ours.

Revival of art. After a difficult time the return of art.


Aubrey Beardsley was an English illustrator of the late 19th century. He illustrated several works and magazines in England and France; particularly well known is his collaboration with Oscar Wilde.

We remember Beardsley for his eccentric and elegant style and his sincere social caricatures: refined scandalous images.

From Beardsley I wanted to relay the certainty of the trait and the sincere expression of its originality.

Black & Beardsley is courage, strength, truth. It is authenticity without hesitation.

Wear it, live it